The Management

Robert Andersson


Number of shares in the company: 1 066 500
Number of stock options: 1 000 000
Robert Andersson is 44 years of age and has a Computer Science graduation from Stockholm University and Griffith University. He has long experience in creating shareholder value and developing growth companies in iGaming and the media industry. Before joining Acroud, Robert was CEO of Enlabs and Catena Media, which he built up and developed, turning them from small companies with a few employees into large established listed companies. Robert joined Acroud in February 2020.

Roderick Attard


Number of shares in the company: -
Number of stock options: 150 000
Roderick Attard is 34 years old, has 11+ years of experience within the iGaming industry, and holds a Bachelor's degree in Accountancy from the University of Malta. He gained knowledge and industry experience over the seven years working as an Audit Manager at the iGaming-specialised Team at KPMG. He joined Acroud as the Financial Controller in September 2017 and has since worked his way up within the company. Roderick previously held the position of Head of Finance and was promoted to his current role in November 2021.

Morten Marcussen

Managing Director As a Service Segment

Number of shares in the company: Estimated 2 846 061
Number of stock options: -
Morten has +8 years experience within the Gaming industry and has +20 years experience in Business development online. He is Master of Science in Economics and Business Administration MSc with a focus on Design and communication management. Morten has since 2018 been the CEO of Voonix, but also focus on business development in different areas of Acroud.

Ruben Gräve

COO Affiliation Segment

Number of shares in the company: 80 000
Number of stock options: 325 000
Ruben Gräve is 28 years old and has +10 years of international experience within the Digital Marketing, iGaming and E-Commerce industry. Ruben who is Dutch of origin founded his first company at 12 years of age in Amsterdam and studied contract law and computer science at Harvard Business School Online. He has successfully built and sold his businesses in the last years and has a strong entrepreneurial focus and track-record of building high performance teams on an international level. Ruben joined Acroud in September 2014 and has held various positions in the organisation. He was promoted to his current role in Acroud in February 2021.

Daria Piotrowicz

Head of Communications

Number of shares in the company: -
Number of stock options: -
Daria Piotrowicz is 31 years old and holds a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from Anglia Ruskin University in Cambridge. Joining Acroud in early 2021 as the Social Media Manager, Daria expanded her remit to internal & external Digital Communications, PR and IR within a few months. In November 2021, she took the position of Head of Communications and joined the Management team.
Prior to Acroud, Daria spent five years within the Corporate Communications Team at MAG, where she led social media teams, first at London STN Airport and then across the whole group of airports.

Agne Galvelyte

Head of Legal and Compliance

Number of shares in the company: -
Number of stock options: -
Agne Galvelyte is 29 years old and has a double Master’s degree in European and International Business law with a focus on AML measures and prevention of BEPS. Joining the iGaming industry five years ago, Agne started her journey with Matching Visions as Head of Legal and Compliance, thereafter joining Acroud at the beginning of 2021 and the Management team of Acroud in early 2022.
Prior to her journey with the iGaming industry, she worked within the commercial law sector for 4+ years.