Investment case

Acroud operates in a market that has historically shown long-term, stable growth. The outlook for iGaming appears positive and is expected to continue to show good, sustainable growth for many years to come. In addition Acroud has also entered the market for SaaS solutions which also appears to have a bright future.

Strong market position in growth sector
Acroud has a strong position within iGaming Affiliation and is one of the leading companies in the sector. We have established long-term and strong customer relationships during more than 15 years in the industry, which gives us a head start against many of our competitors and the market as a whole.

Unique position on the market with SaaS solutions
Acroud are operating two segments iGaming Affiliation and …As a Service. We are unique on the market being able to offer SaaS (“Software as a Service”) solutions via our…As a Service segment. The SaaS business is fast growing and we are moving in a high pace developing this part of the business, which has significantly higher entry barriers and high shareholder value.

Management team and Board with long experience
Both Acroud’s Management team and its Board have broad experience from developing iGaming Affiliation and high-growth companies. The CEO Robert Andersson has a solid track record from the industry and from developing growth companies in a high pace generating shareholder value. Through the recent acquisitions and recruitments some strong and experienced individuals in the industry have joined the ride.

Scalable business model
We have a scalable business model, which enables us to quickly and easily expand existing or new brands to new geographic markets or expand into new verticals. We have a unique own developed proprietary technical platform (Voonix), allowing us to quickly develop our products and our offering to end consumers. This enables us to further scale our operations and achieve high margins and strong cash flow.

Operations excellence
With over 15 years of experience and knowledge of SEO and high quality content for our digital brands within our iGaming Affiliation segment, we reduce the underlying SEO risk while increasing user value. In most cases, our users find our websites through search engines. For many years, we have gathered experience and knowledge of what our users want, which means that we develop our brands according to the user’s actual needs and expectations.

Fast-growing Sports Betting vertical
The acquisition of Acroud Media Ltd and the introduction of the paid media business is supporting Acroud’s expansion into the Sports Betting vertical, adding considerable recurring Revenue Share sportsbook revenue from some of the world’s most prominent Sport Book providers.

Financially flexible and prepared
Acroud’s operations will be conducted at low financial risk over time by continuously reducing net debt and maintaining good liquidity. Prioritising a good financial position and strong liquidity gives the Company flexibility and ensures it is ready to grasp opportunities and deal with future challenges.