Acroud has resolved on a directed issue of shares by way of set-off

The Board of Acroud AB (”Acroud”) has today, based on the authorization given by the annual general meeting of the year 2023, resolved on a directed set-off issue of 2,358,490 shares at a price of SEK 0.848 per share, corresponding to the volume weighted average price of the share for a period of 10 trading days before 25 March 2024.


The issue has been resolved upon due to Acroud’s acquisition of 100 % of the shares in Swedishsantas Media AB (the “Target Company”), which was published in a press release on April 15, 2021. The resolution to issue new shares constitute part of the agreed earn-out consideration for the shares in the Target Company which Acroud acquired from the previous shareholder of the Target Company (the “Seller”). All of the newly issued shares are offered to be subscribed for by the Seller by way of set-off against the agreed earn-out consideration, and the reason for the deviation from the shareholders’ preferential rights is to enable delivery of shares by means of set-off against the earn-out consideration. The board considers the issue terms to be in accordance with market conditions since the subscription price corresponds to the volume weighted average price of the share for a period of 10 trading days before 25 March 2024. The completion of the issue is subject to that the Seller subscribes for shares in the issue.


Following that the shares are subscribed for and allocated, the directed set-off issue will result in an increase of the number of shares in Acroud of 2,358,490 and an increase in the share capital by EUR 59,666.196701. This entails an increase in the number of shares from 172,612,188 to 174,970,678 and an increase in the share capital from EUR 4,366,824.859242 to EUR 4,426,491.055943, corresponding to a dilution of approximately 1.3 percent of the shares and votes in Acroud.


Robert Andersson, President and CEO

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Andrzej Mieszkowicz, CFO


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From August 2021 (Q221 Report) report Acroud has changed reporting and company language to English. This means that Interim Reports and the correlated press releases will be issued in both English and Swedish, however the English version will supersede the Swedish version.



ACROUD is a fast-moving challenger in the space of iGaming Affiliation and B2B SaaS Solutions. Along with its core affiliate business, which contains 30+ comparison and news sites under strong digital brands in multiple verticals, Acroud develops and offers SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions within the affiliate industry. The company also provides streaming services and runs the innovative gaming event – The Festival Series.

Following a number of mergers in 2020 and 2021, many talented industry experts have joined Acroud's journey, leading the organization towards a Software-Based Affiliation company. Driven by the sustainable growth and profitability of our partners, our mission is to connect People, Content Creators (Youtubers, Streamers, Affiliates) and Businesses. Acroud has been listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market under the ticker symbol ACROUD since June 2018.