Announcement from annual general meeting held on 28 June 2024 in ACROUD AB

ACROUD AB held its annual general meeting on 28 June 2024 in Stockholm. The following main resolutions were made:

Adoption of the income statements and the balance sheets

The meeting resolved to adopt the income statement and the balance sheet for the parent company as well as the consolidated income statement and the consolidated balance sheet for the group for 2023.

Allocation of the company's results

The meeting resolved to balance the company's profit in a new account and that no dividend shall be paid for the financial year 2023.

Discharge from liability

The members of the board of directors and the CEO were discharged from liability for the financial year 2023.

Board of directors and auditor

The meeting resolved, in accordance with the proposal from shareholders representing approximately 63.4 percent of the shares and votes of the company, that the board shall be composed of three directors with no deputy. The meeting resolved on re-election of the board members Peter Åström, Richard Gale and Kim Mikkelsen. Kim Mikkelsen was elected as chair of the board of directors.

Fees for the period until the end of the next annual general meeting, were set to SEK 350,000 to the chairman of the board and SEK 200,000 to each director who is not employed by the company.

The meeting resolved to elect BDO Mälardalen AB as auditor. It was resolved that remuneration to the auditor should be paid according to approved fees.

Adoption of guidelines for remuneration to senior executives

The meeting resolved, in accordance with the proposal of the board of directors, to adopt guidelines for salary and other remuneration to senior executives.


Authorisation for the board of directors to issue shares

The meeting resolved, in accordance with the proposal of the board of directors, that the board of directors shall be authorised to, on one or more occasions for the period up until the next annual general meeting, to issue up to a total of 60 million new shares, with or without deviation from the shareholders preferential rights.


 For further information, please contact:

Robert Andersson, President and CEO

+356 9999 8017

Andrzej Mieszkowicz, CFO

+356 9911 2090

ACROUD AB (publ)

Telephone:  +356 2132 3750/1

E-mail:         [email protected]


Certified Adviser: FNCA Sweden AB, [email protected]

From May 2024 (Q1 Report) Acroud has changed reporting and company language to English. This means that Interim Reports and the correlated press releases will be issued in English only.



ACROUD is a fast-moving challenger in the space of iGaming Affiliation and B2B SaaS Solutions. Along with its core affiliate business, which contains 30+ comparison and news sites under strong digital brands in multiple verticals, Acroud develops and offers SaaS (Software as a Service) solutions within the affiliate industry. The company also provides streaming services and runs the innovative gaming event - The Festival Series.

Following a number of mergers in 2020 and 2021, many talented industry experts have joined Acroud's journey, leading the organization towards a Software-Based Affiliation company. Driven by the sustainable growth and profitability of our partners, our mission is to connect People, Content Creators (Youtubers, Streamers, Affiliates) and Businesses. Acroud has been listed on the Nasdaq First North Growth Market under the ticker symbol ACROUD since June 2018.