In 2020, Acroud had 61 employees and about 15 contracted consultants. After the acquisitions of RIAE Media and Power Media Group we are an “acroud” of 90 employees and 20 contracted consultants based at three different offices in Copenhagen and Malta. The offices in Malta accommodate the main part of the management team, writers, developers, website promoters, SEO specialists and designers, while the Voonix team is based in central Copenhagen.


Working environment

Acroud offers its employees a working environment in fresh and pleasant premises. We work actively for a healthy and stimulating working environment with a good work-life balance. Our personnel is relatively young and we constantly invest in developing our motivated employees and strengthening our corporate culture. For us health is central and we encourage our employees to live a healthy and active life with lots of physical exercise via Acroud Sports. Amongst others our football team Acroud Anacondas plays regularly in the Malta Pentasia iGaming league, Our Padel team plays in the Enteractive league and our cross fit team participate in the Grid-races on Malta. We offer a number of employee benefits, such as health insurance and gym passes, as well as flexible working conditions with the opportunity to work from home if needed. We enjoy socialising and celebrating our successes together. The Company therefore also organises regular staff events, and the spouse/partner and children of employees are also sometimes also invited to them.

A Brilliant


We have rapidly transformed into a “forward leaning” company characterized by an entrepreneurial mindset. We are ”A Crowd” of brilliant minds in a company holding a unique market position. Meet a few select individuals in our team.

”After the summer of 2020 we have recruited a very strong KAM team with international experience working with up-sales. In Q420 upselling generated 10% of group revenues”

Olga Tsalle, CCO

“During 2020, we have continued to develop our core systems and adapted the business for growth with the development of CAS (Centralised Affiliate System) and the migration of all sites to a common platform.”

Clinton Cutajar, CTO

“As part of an extensive change management work, we welcomed a new chapter in the Acroud journey in July. With a fresh, energetic look and a confident, entrepreneurial mindset, we will not only continue to create distinctive products for our users but we will also maintain a solid position in the affiliate industry.”

Erica Spiteri, Head of Design

“Through various acquisitions in 2020 and 2021, we have built a team of industry experts who, together with existing talent, will take Acroud to the next level.”

Roderick Attard, CFO

“I am convinced that the synergies and strategic benefits of the merger between Power Media Group and Acroud in January 2021 will help push Acroud to the next level and give the Company a unique position on the market!”

Dennis Dyhr-Hansen
CEO and Co-founder, Matching Visions