The same success principals that Acroud has deployed in European markets have now been aimed at Emerging Markets and North America. We aim to deliver high quality brands within a relatively short throughput time, via our innovative delivery method. By doing so, we position our brands and software early on which ensures the success of our strategic plan.




Ramping up our expansion into the US with the hiring of key personnel. Following a cost-efficient and innovative delivery method for new US facing products, we aim to have sites live in all regulated states and verticals during 2021. This in conjunction with our approved licenses makes it possible for us to operate in 12 states in the US, enables us to achieve the desired growth in the US.


Diversification of

Revenue Streams

To build up a long term diversification of revenue sources and model will make the Company less sensitive to changes in any industry or any regulation. Building strategic stability and sustainability in our revenue base reduces the overall risk profile of the Company.


Rich content


Acroud will have an opportunistic approach and mindset to invest and build new streams of revenue. Such new ways include live streaming and social media influence. The goal is to diversify the acquisition and organic conversion of FTDs. Execution of this strategy will be done by M&A and creation of our own high value content.


Verticals of

Core and Beyond

Acroud’s core assets include strong positioned affiliate brands which will benefit from the acceleration of trends through the pandemic, i.e. decline of retail and increase of online. Acroud is positioned to capitalise on such trends with a strong operational team which delivers high quality content, search engine optimisation and cutting- edge technology improvements. In addition, our product offering expanded to new and exciting verticals which will accelerate our strategic growth plan more rapidly.




We will keep having an opportunistic approach to M&A and continue to evaluate cases, however we will not be as aggressive as before and focus on growth of our base portfolio and the already executed/ announced.


...As a Service


Acroud has diversified its business at the beginning of 2021 as part of the acquisition of PMG Group. The SaaS contracts generate a long-term sustainable revenue stream. Our aim is to solidify this new position and find the ultimate synergies between our new and core assets and become the leading service company in the industry.




Continue to develop and build our operational team to ensure high-pace delivery and a sound cost base. Embodying a “doer” mentality across the organisation to ensure our key focus and efficiency. Reducing our scope to improve the quality of our output on existing brands. Evaluate under performing brands and evaluate potential divestment of these.