Responsible Gaming

Responsible Gaming

Net Gaming is active within lead generation, guiding our users to make the right decisions in the digital jungle.

We work for Responsible Gaming

We are careful in our work to promote responsible gaming as well as increase focus and awareness. On our sites we have specific sections with information on responsible gaming, where our users can seek information about this area and we also help our users to raise awareness of their own gambling and the negative effects that may arise and ultimately lead to gambling addiction.

Regular updates on our websites

We update our websites continuously on this topic. We have also implemented a Responsible Gaming policy, which ensures how we work with our customers (iGaming operators) on these matters. We also strive to implement more self evaluation-tests on our websites, where our users can get information about their own gaming behavior to evaluate any problems with their own gaming.

Below are a few areas we highlight on our websites:

Specific section on our websites with information about responsible gaming

Information of how to gamble responsibly

Questions for our users: Do I have a gambling problem?

Contact details to gambling helpline centres