Growth strategy and
growth drivers


Nurturing organic growth since 2003

ACROUD is working on a strategic three-year
plan to achieve its long-term vision. The growth
plan is structured with strategic focus areas and
based on solid market and competitor analysis.

ACROUD’s 10 strategic focus areas:

To continue to grow organically in
selected focus markets
To gradually reduce our net debt and conduct
operations with low financial risk.
To work in a cost-effective and “agile” structure with a “doer” culture that facilitates quick decisions in a changing world.
To continue developing our team and recruiting the best individuals in the market. To be a workplace for exceptional individuals who share our passion for technology and to guide people in a complex digital world.
To own and develop strong digital brands, which are innovative, independent and easy to use. We will focus on a small number of brands which must have clear user value in order to increase the proportion of returning users.
To continuously reduce the Company’s operational risks through revenue, market and product diversification to create stable revenue streams.
To have a data-driven approach through extensive technical expertise supplemented with business intelligence.
To continue to grow through the launch of new verticals.
To continuously improve our scalable platform with data and technology.
To continue investing in our operational platform in order to achieve economies of scale.

Growth drivers

Vertical expansion.
Sports betting was launched as a new vertical in 2018 and expanded significantly in 2019. The vertical currently accounts for about 50 percent of the total iGaming market.
Acroud continuously looks at opportunities to make further acquisitions in the future.
Transformation from offline to online.
The share for online gaming (iGaming) is currently 11-12 percent, which corresponds to approximately SEK 400 billion per year. About SEK 160 billion of this is generated through affiliates, in other words comparison services.
Geographical expansion.
The North American market is an important market for expansion for Acroud.
Product innovation.
Net Gaming is constantly launching new products in existing markets and verticals.
Comparison trend.
With the opportunities offered by digitalisation and the internet, users are increasingly likely to be able to, and want to, compare different options before making decisions. This trend is beneficial to Acroud.
Expansion in existing markets.
There is great scope for Acroud to grow in selected markets in Europe.
Technology innovation.
Acroud works consistently to improve and refine the offering to users. Acroud currently has a “mobile first” approach and closely monitors how users behave and respond to the offering.
Industry with strong growth

Acroud works within iGaming affiliation. H2GC estimates the value of the global iGaming market at EUR 57 billion in 2019. In the years 2020-2023, the overall iGaming market is expected grow by 6-7 percent annually. (Source: H2GC and own estimate)